Make This Year’s Miles Count!

The idea of 30K began in 2010 during a trip from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Lured by immense benefits and dreaming of elite status, we were persuaded to join the airline‘s loyalty program. But, what resulted was a short, bitter trip, as the fare we purchased ended up earning no miles and moved us no closer to elite status. We would have liked to know beforehand, we thought. We’re just glad it wasn’t the end of the year and we were expecting to hit the next status!

Remember, most airline status miles (with the exception of Delta) expire at the end of each calendar year. All of us need to make the most of this year’s miles and reach the next level before it’s too late.

The best way to earn elite qualifying status miles is to fly and, with the holidays coming up, we’re going to get less value for our money as time goes by. Although you may know how many miles you currently have in your accounts, it’s hard to know which flights will help you achieve the status you’re looking for and which will get you oh so close, but not allow you to reach your goal.

Don’t know how many more miles you need? No worries, just enter your program information into and we’ll let you know how many more miles you need and which flights will qualify you for a higher status.

To find our more, click here.

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