How to beat the effects of jet lag?

You don’t need to be a frequent flyer to know how tough dealing with jet lag can be, with the effects sometimes lasting a week or more. Here’s a few tips to help you fight it – so if you’re flying somewhere with more than 3 hours time difference you should definitely give these a try:

-> Before takeoff, set your watch to the destination time zone. Try to mentally project yourself to that time from that point on.
-> If you’re flying East, and you’re on a 10+ hours flight, try to avoid sleeping more than 3-4 hours on the plane, this will enable you to get a better first night’s sleep your at destination.
-> Avoid sleeping pills. You’re better off not sleeping at all on that flight.
-> Drink plenty of water. We mean, PLENTY of water. Whatever you’re drinking, it’s not enough. You need to keep yourself hydrated as altitude, and the dry air of the pressurized cabin dehydrate you fast.
-> Avoid the booze. One or two glasses of wine are ok, but avoid hard liquor at all cost.
-> Eat moderately, and pick the healthy options if available (avoid bread and processed foods if you can tolerate it). Focus on the nice dinner you’ll have later in the day at your destination.
-> Pick an in-flight movie that’s entertaining, but not one you’d feel bad if you miss the end of it by falling asleep.
-> When you get to your hotel, no matter what time if it’s mid-afternoon or morning, jump in the shower (not the bath).
-> Exercise every morning. Go for a run outside and discover the city you’re staying in or hit the gym. This will boost your metabolism, and kick you into the right time zone much faster.
-> When you get back to your hotel room, avoid staying up until 2am doing emails 😉
-> On your flight home, assuming you’re flying West, repeat the above, and when you get home, avoid taking a nap or going to bed before 9:30-10pm. Fight the urge to sleep. Exercise every morning, and you’ll be fine.

We hope these help!
Let us know if you have any other tips by adding them in the comments section.

Happy travels,

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