Top 6 tips to avoid flu when traveling

Flu season is almost upon us, and so is the busiest travel time of the year. This is no time to get sick! Here are some tips to stay healthy while traveling:

1.Get the flu vaccine NOW. It takes a couple weeks to kick in, so it’s best to get it in early fall, before flu season picks up and before you start traveling.

2.Wash your hands after being in public places or riding public transport, and avoid touching your mouth or eyes until you do.

3.Carry around hand sanitizer for a convenient burst of “clean” on-the-go, like on a plane where things like seat belt buckles and TV controls can pack a lot of germs. (Just be sure it’s 3 oz or less.)

4.Take extra vitamin C. We like the little packets that you mix with water – they’re easy to carry around, and they’re pretty tasty too.

5.Stay hydrated, especially during air travel. We’re talking water – coffee and alcohol don’t count!

6.Get lots of sleep. We know how crazy the holidays can get, and you won’t enjoy them if you’re sleep-deprived and sick. So make time for those ZZZs.

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